Homemade Bread Pudding Cake Recipe


Ingredients for 8 portions of Homemade Bread Pudding Cake:


Time: 30 minutes
  1. You can use almost any bread you want, but something with a lot of seeds or grains might be wasted in a dish like this. The baked sweetness of the outcome means it goes particularly well with spices such a cinnamon and nutmeg, so using leftover cinnamon rolls is something many people swear by.
  2.  We will start by making the caramel. You will need to make a bain-marie by heating up some water in a large deep sided baking tray and placing a metal bowl into the water. Make sure you do not have too much water in case it spills over the side. We are using a bundt pan which has a column in the middle allowing more surface area of the pudding to be covered in caramel. As the pan warms in the water, gradually add your sugar and stir as it starts to melt into a delightful golden brown color. Do not let any of the water get into the pan or it can crystallize the caramel and ruin it.
  3. Spoon or swirl the caramel so that it is evenly distributed over the sides of the pan and leave to cool. If you are using a different tin in which to bake your pudding, you might need to transfer it from the bowl you used in the bain-marie.
  4. While the caramel cools, cut the bread into chunks and soak them in half of the milk which has been previously warmed in a pan. 

    Trick: If you need more milk to soak the bread completely, add a little more.

  5. As the bread is soaking, mix in a bowl your eggs, sugar and the remaining (cold) milk. If you want some extra flavor, you can add a little lemon zest or vanilla essence. 
  6. Add to the bowl the soaked bread chunks and mix well.
  7. Place this mixture into the caramelized mold. the caramel should be cool by this stage otherwise it will mix into the batter we have just made. Preheat the oven to 350 ºF.
  8. Return the bundt pan to the bain-marie. Add more water to the bain-marie if necessary. Cover the bundt pan and bake in the oven for approximately 1 hour. Check until you see the pudding has turned a nice golden brown. 
  9. You could theoretically do this on the stove top, but oven baking gives this a better overall cook.

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